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Fix slow computer problems on your own using the best PC optimizer software offered at Download K9 PC Optimizer, a Windows compatible software equipped with all prominent PC repair and maintenance tools, to overcome performance issues, and experience uninterrupted computing and gaming.

What K9 PC Optimizer Does


K9 PC Optimizer acts like a virtual computer repair technician and fixes all background issues that obstruct your PC from delivering its best. Key tasks performed by the software are listed here.

  • Diagnosing system resources
  • Identifying root problems
  • Eliminating clutter
  • Updating operating system, applications and drivers


  • Allow users to get more space for what they love
  • Allow apps to get more resources to run at their peak
  • Stabilize system’s performance
  • Keep system’s basic security intact

How K9 PC Optimizer Works

  • Restricts programs that are not required every time when you kick off your PC. What you get—reduced boot timing.
  • Manages services. Let the user enable or disable them as per the need of the hour. What you get—enhanced performance as resources are not consumed by unwanted services.
  • Drives away unwanted, obsolete and corrupted files. What you get—more space to store what you need, improved performance and reduced conflicts.
  • Removes duplicate files that are unnecessarily occupying system resources. What you get—more space, more speed and less confusion.
  • Fixes Windows Registry errors and removes obsolete registry values. What you get—error-free performance from installed products and services.

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