Disk Cleanup & Disk Defragmenter


Got stuck in slow PC problem? Or not getting the desired performance from your Windows-based desktop or laptop despite having the best software and hardware configuration? Don’t worry. Bid adieu to all performance and stability related computer problems with disk cleanup and disk defragmenter tools integrated with K9 PC Optimizer software.

What Disk Cleanup Does


Performs cleansing acts and reduces the number of unnecessary files. A few are listed below.

  • Removing temporary files and caches
  • Clearing Recycle Bin
  • Removing fragmented or corrupted system files
  • Eliminating corrupted drivers
  • Removing software/files’ residuals


  • Create more space for vital software and services
  • Reduce the probabilities of software conflict


  • Enhance the boot performance of Windows
  • Increase the accessibility of programs and files
  • Increase Internet speed
  • Increase gaming speed

What Disk Defragmenter Does


Performs sorting and arrangement of files on the hard disk as given below.

  • Organizing and consolidating fragmented system files
  • Keeping intact components of programs
  • Organizing and consolidating user’s files
  • Organizing and consolidating drivers and firmware

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After the expiry of the trial period, subscribe the paid version with 1-year full term validity. Interestingly, we haven’t limited the functionalities of the disk clean up and disk defragmenter software in the trial version. Enjoy free update along with 24/7 tech support by experts.