Fix Registry Errors


Puzzled with registry errors? Are they not allowing you to work, play or connect effortlessly? If yes, their game is over as you have reached, the right place of finding Windows compatible PC repair and maintenance tools. With K9 PC Optimizer software fix Windows Registry errors on your own, and that too without any risk.

What K9 PC Optimizer Does


K9 PC Optimizer is equipped with a proven registry cleaner tool that can help with:

  • Scanning and diagnosing Windows Registry Settings
  • Identifying faulty, incorrect or invalid registry values
  • Removing obsolete registry entries
  • Repairing registry errors
  • Optimizing registry settings


  • Fix software or driver conflicts
  • Keep registry settings intact
  • Build registry backup to withstand any unpleasant situation
  • Ensure system stability
  • Prevent software vulnerability

Typical Registry Errors Addressed

Before you click on the Download button, learn what kind of registry errors it can fix.

  • Admin, user or guest account related registry errors
  • Software linked registry errors
  • System hardware drivers and services related registry errors
  • Windows booting related registry errors
  • Network connectivity and performance linked registry errors

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Compatible with Windows XP,Vista,7,8.1

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