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Get K9 PC Optimizer, a one-click free Windows compatible system optimizer, at and overcome slow performance, software conflicts, registry errors, low system memory and other performance related computer problems on your own. Computing, gaming and connectivity – make everything faster and error-free.

What K9 PC Optimizer Does


The system optimizer improves the performance of your operating system, applications, Internet and other web-based services to let you have a better digital experience. Key tasks performed by the software are listed here.

  • Scanning system’s software & hardware components
  • Identifying their respective usability and background issues
  • Clearing away unwanted stuffs
  • Updating Windows, drivers and security software


  • Create more hard disk space
  • Create conflict-free environment
  • Rejuvenate apps and services
  • Stabilize system’s performance
  • Keep system’s basic security intact

How K9 PC Optimizer Works

Before you click on the Download button, discover the major built-in components of the system optimizer.

  • PC Startup Manager
    Checks unwanted programs getting started with the Windows operating system.
  • Service Manager
    Allows or restricts services to ensure availability of resources for demanding apps and services.
  • Disk Cleanup
    Cleans up temporary files, caches, broken registry entities, fragmented files, aborted downloads, etc.
  • Registry Cleaner
    Diagnoses, cleans and repairs faulty, blotted or corrupted Windows Registry settings safely and effectively.
  • System Updater
    Automatically updates system software, applications, drivers and firmware for stable and secure PC performance.

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Compatible with Windows XP,Vista,7,8.1

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